Customs clearance

FS Mackenzie has wide experience in providing customs clearance services in Europe as well as organizing clearances in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia.

Customs Transit

Customs Transit procedures are called into play when we transport goods from one point to another within the customs territory. They also apply to transit cargo passing through the borders of different countries en route to final destination (e.g. cargo originating in China or the USA travelling via Europe to Russia or Ukraine.)

These procedures allow us to transport the cargo without having to pay duties or taxes in the transit territories. Instead, customs clearance is carried out at the point of destination.

The standard transit systems used within the European Union are Common and Union Transit. However, in certain cases, other procedures may apply:

  • TIR Convention
  • ATA Convention

Export Customs clearance

Our export customs clearance services cover all WTO destinations.

FS Mackenzie International offers:

  • Compliance checks for correctness and completeness of all customs  documents
  • Courier despatch of all urgent documentation
  • Border assistance by dedicated FS Mackenzie staff in cases of emergency
  • Bonded Warehousing
  • Temporary Export procedures
  • Consular Services

Import Customs clearance

We provide the full range of import customs clearance services anywhere in Western and Central Europe ( UK, Germany, Czech Republic etc.), in Georgia ( Poti and Tblisi), in Russia and in the Ukraine.

FS Mackenzie’s import customs clearance services include:

  • Providing customs deferment facilities for VAT and Duties
  • Declaration services at the point of entry and locally
  • Bonded warehouses
  • Temporary Import procedures
  • Consular Services

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